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Travel insurance for over 80s strives to find the best deals for the Over 75 and Over 80s for Travel Insurance. Over 80 and Over 75 travel insurance reviewed on this site.


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Why Cancellation cover is important for every trip you take.

Organising your travel insurance as soon as you book your holiday will protect you in the event that you are not able to travel. Most policies include this cover as standard, but it is important to check the value of the cover matches the cost of the holiday you've booked, otherwise you will not be paid out for the full amount should unforeseen circumstances prevent you from travelling.


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The disabled and elderly people are getting a raw deal from the tourism industry, a new report claims.

Not enough is being done to ensure destinations and services are accessible to disabled or elderly travellers, according to a Bournemouth University tourism expert.

Professor Dimitrios Buhalis argues that the travel industry is failing to tap into the business opportunities posed by accessible tourism - and is thus failing to properly engage with disabled travellers as consumers.

"The ongoing fallout from the global financial downturn has meant that businesses must do more to engage with consumers and look towards developing niche markets that will drive the tourism industry forward," he said.

"One such market that continues to be underserved by the global tourism industry is that of people with disabilities.

"Globally there are more than 650 million people with disabilities, and this figure is set to rise due to the ageing of the population. This poses a considerable challenge for global tourism. The industry must take a more proactive approach to ensure that infrastructure and services are more accessible."


Don't be caught out when you purchase travel insurance by putting in the wrong dates. Many travellers misunderstand the Departure and Return dates, use the wrong ones on their claims, and then have their claims denied. Departure and Return Dates are actually very simple. The Departure Date is the day you depart your home for your journey or trip. The Return Date is the day you return home from your holiday. This may sound obvious but a lot of people fall foul of this!

Brits visiting the Channel Islands have been told by the Department of Health that they should take out travel insurance in case they have to pay for healthcare costs from April 1.

A reciprocal agreement with the Channel Islands that gave UK travellers a limited number of medical treatments free of charge on the islands will end at the end of this month after almost 33 years in place.

Anyone from the UK needing treatment in Guernsey, Jersey, Alderney, Sark, or any other Channel Island will now have to pay for medical treatment, which is provided by locally-run health services of each individual crown dependency, and not by the NHS.




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columbus direct Insurance
Columbus has travel insurance for those up to the age of 99!
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Insureforall Insurance
Insure for all covers up to the age of 99 for single trips to many different locations..
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Goodtogoinsurance.com provides travel insurance cover to travellers of any age, with or without pre existing medical conditions.
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UK travel insurance provider Flexicover offers affordable Travel Insurance up to 85 years
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Avanti will cover you up to the age of 99 and provides worldwide cruise insurance and cover to all popular holiday destinations.
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holiday extras Policies provide cover for many pre-existing medical conditions up to 99 years
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